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Why are the more excellent girls chasing nobody?

ring ng,
little fool,
I obviously have a good condition,
good looks,
a good figure,
a lot of grooming,
a more outgoing personality,
and what others boast about from time to time.
Why does it look a passer-by primary school students,
have to find a good husband at marriage,
but I still alone? I believe many girls have such confusion.
Someone once said that most of the goddess are not pursued,
because can not play a far view.
The goddess is not just because of beauty.
Junlai chat today canteen: why more excellent girls more nobody? (the following message from the reader) so because nobody believed I was not so good after all my boyfriend is millet ah more excellent girls are not material needs but the spirit of the security Freya Im not good enough to attract that can not be good enough for him around the slag of our own barrier function fishing Wo Dian July than their poor does not look better than you dont feed their own mosquito.
Superman is probably written on the face: what I can rely on t