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Who says curry is just a shooter? Show him this

ring he above blue word basketball practical skills forum,
a key concern! Trying to do the best basketball,
WeChat curry three point ball is undoubtedly phenomenon level existence,
but his three points of power,
in addition to build on the basis of abnormal,
super ability to control the ball is also very important.
Able to pick three to create three dribble shot and hit it,
is three points as a deterrent,
the difference between ordinary shooter and curry and the metamorphosis of the Buddha ah,
false investment ah,
the defense is easy to be used,
although various awkward teammates cover the left hand to drill the gaps is 6 you can dream about the birds of people marched in a step over to guard not coquettish pass how line? The king often likened Erwin skills of basketball Taka Kato,
but I think students can also hand live a war,
do you think? Stadium elf! NBA official reviews the MVP road in the library