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Today I leave the suite only a duck distance

ring was the closest I got to the house,
and it was our first meeting.
This afternoon I went to the public at the time of the Wuhan round square,
square crowded,
huge crowds of people,
that is the site of Baidu Nuomi 5.
17 day tournament chef chowhound WuHan Railway Station,
winning the prize is Wuhan green fragrant tree flower 133 flat free down payment awards.
The distance between me and the house was only 0.
05 centimeters,
two minutes,
fifteen seconds later,
I lost it forever.
Someone really ate a suite on the spot! I didnt know that our first meeting was the beginning of losing it.
Because all my attention was on the competitors.
Field staff has to end stage duck! The presence of the players have lips move! Ready to go!! Leisurely eating duck neck aunt.
every aunt behind with unlimited potential,
in addition to square dance,
they are already into the internal chowhound.
since ancient times,
how many years chowhound.
The rising of the chowhound a star,
looking at the sharp eyes,