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The prince of Harry's charity ring, countless corrupt people want to choose him as king, say good prince how to do?

ring f the British royal family,
an adorable ten,
basically be the limelight hairline queen,
her great grandchildren,
and great grandchildren of the little hick snatched the face,
even the history of the old reservoir Charles can also denden headlines,
but Harry does not seem to be the center of attention.
But how hard did Prince Harry work,
you know?! Recently,
Harry has done a big job,
he global disabled veterans for the brave undefeated games,
assembled more than 500 soldiers in 14 countries to participate.
This campaign will not only help disabled veterans receive effective and sustained medical information,
but also arouse the attention and respect of the community.
31 year old prince not only organized the game,
but also to pop singer rally,
and by the United States second ladies,
Biden made a speech together.
He singled out Sarah Rudder,
a survivor of the 9.
11 event,
who won 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals in the competition,
known by the media as Harrys hero.
Philanthropy has alwa