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Over the hills in Cangshan Erhai Lake actually hiding a villa

ring ve in seclusion,
let down the noise and annoyance of the city.
Into the blue sky,
white clouds,
stone beach,
old fishing boats.
A pillow of the sea,
1 | if you have a dream you might have imagined life wandering the world,
only dreamed of living in seclusion,
so in Dali,
Erhai is the best in the idea of belonging.
The area is large,
built in Cangshan,
lush and integrated with Erhai,
but has only 25 rooms.
It is Chinas first video themed Villa Hotel and the largest The Inn Boutique in both galleries.
there is a group of old Dali,
Cangshan Erhai quiet far view,
listen to the old Dali who tells the story of the past every corner of Dali,
really quite reclusive it.
2 Cangshan Erhai Erhai | household considerable seclusion,
cengluan Chui wood,
blue flowers,
colorful art.
In the center of the city - with the geographical advantage of Yunnans excellent scenery,
Dali There is nothing comparable to this,
Cangshan Erhai suffocating seclusion Erhai,