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Choose sunscreen lotion or gel Japan fashion girl tell you

ring r skin every day unconsciously suffer ultraviolet damage.
whether it is commuting,
or vacation travel,
sunscreen is essential! When it comes to sunscreen,
we first thought of is the popularity of Japanese sunscreen.
I think the emulsion type sunscreen is thickly coated on the face,
and its waterproof and anti sweat function can prevent us from burning the sun.
In fact,
sunscreen products can not follow the trend of indiscriminate buying,
pick their own sunscreen products,
more important than anything else! Now the majority of woman they used were all emulsion sunscreen,
sunscreen gel type actually began to choose more women in japan.
Compared with sunscreen,
sunscreen gel is the biggest characteristic of light! Thin! Effective sun blocking UV,
while allowing the skin more breathable,
so that the skin pores reduce burden! In the sun at the same time,
but also to the skin replenishment,
bringing adequate moisture.
Today we recommend a good sauce for Kanebo ALLIE moisturizing mineral sunscreen