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Today broke the news Kim Su Hyon, Park Shin Hye, Wong Cho Lam, Kong Kong, a tyrant company actually one-time signed dozens of stars unexpected

ring  O2O platform,
recently engaged in 515 artistes festival.
Wong Cho Lam,
Kong Chuinan,
Jin Taihuan,
Kim Su Hyon,
show wisdom.
A bunch of stars who have never thought of coming together have collectively appeared as craftsmen.
As long as 5.
15 yuan will be able to ask these stars personally to serve themselves! This company is really good tyrant ah.
Look at this company which graced the nouveau riche star? Kim Su Hyon 5.
15 yuan to grab a beast for you personally pick a thousand dollars worth of polo shirt,
and you teach wear heart! Jung Il Woo 5.
15 yuan rob Jung Il Woo personally for you pick a honey meaning full of suit dress,
while warm man will send blessing to you! The hole is big and big,
personally draw a picture for you,
play a drama together! Recently a little fairy Taihuan Jin Xue fire,
also heard Chinese and learn,
but also personally teach fans that Chinese.
Park Shin Hye 5.
15 yuan robbed a man God harvester picked a RAPIDO night running clothes.
the goddess is thin,