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The ugly man is still complaining, and the handsome people have begun to work hard

ring the full acceleration in the second season release,
can be said to be more concerned about the topic.
From the first phase of the second period,
Jia Nailiang Lin Yun,
Liu Wen,
Zhang Ruoyun,
and then to the third period of Jiro Wang,
Wei Daxun,
all the guests gathered in the second quarter of the full speed,
highlight the value of two color words,
chase and artist coupled with the stimulation of the palace,
showing the strength of a wave of mango the variety of production capacity.
Artists are very hard,
in the first phase,
second Tian Liang Du Chun fell in sacrifice hue,
Wei Daxun third in the strength of running time team.
Guests for our strength demonstrated a wave of what is called Yan value people also have to work hard.
The world is always so unfair,
some people can eat on their faces,
and some people can not.
Even more frightening is that these people work harder than you! For example,
the second quarter of all acceleration in the third phase of the Jiro Wang is such a typical ex