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The three hallmarks of the Hongkong movie are the addition of Wong Kar Wai and the Milky way image

begins with the iris public number (IrisMagazine).
The | LOOK experts and several European and American film power into modern time,
Italy is in 1948,
France in 1958,
Germany in 1968.
other experts added that the Hongkong film entered modernization in 1982,
marking the birth of the new wave film in Hongkong.
My earliest perception of Hongkong movies was almost at this time of the year,
but the new wave was out of my sight.
The earliest in my view of the Hongkong movie is Jackie Chan's Kung Fu Comedy A plan,
Police Story,
Eagle action and so on.
After one after another ,
  favourable turns in life,
true colour of a hero killer,
Romance and a series of heroes / Lawrence,
and ghost in ghost story as the representative of the.
A plan (1983) Police Story (1985) of