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Popular on the market in the end is not really eye wrinkle to the black eye to openly talk

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Battie! I am small puff ~ you yesterday issued the first article backstage to see a lot of old woman to have a doubt today cream together we talk to her! No one or thing is worth your stay up late,
do you know how many eye cream you need to make up for it? The following question and answer,
I know a lot of words,
but for everyones good,
we must see!!! Q Aamp: first,
why is my eye cream used and useless? This is a very classic problem,
so puff in the first place and we talk about! 1,
because there is no targeted to buy their own eye cream,
for example,
you are already ripe age muscle,
but also with more than 100 pieces of eye cream,
of course,
do not feel the effect! 2,
because the dosage is too little.
Some people think,
I buy a bottle of eye cream so expensive,
must save some use.
In fact,
this idea is very wrong,
any product is to use enough and persist in order to use the effect.
Rather than buying expensive expensive brands,
it is better to buy inexpensive brands with enough! 3,