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Wu Haiyan is our ultimate CRE internal NoTitle 3V cre - under the situation

feeling the power of interview.
10-15 minutes,
hunting cloud from the way of raising,
investment services,
as well as its internal team in three dimensions to the interpretation of cre.
Just say,
by four in the capital market,
the CRE capital formed three distinct investment in the main line,
and the new new new consumer financial industry.
In the establishment of 10 years,
both as cast CRE ONE a star enterprise,
also a hand like technology of the classic angel investment exit case,
more in the Internet financial period has great pioneering excavations including in a number of copper Street the development of good record prices.
At a deeper level,
the comprehensive ability of CRE more manifest in its advocacy for 3V,
namely venture capital (VentureCapital),