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WeChat red designer quit, want to do the next big business related to money, love fan read early

eral manager of WeChat group,
joined the group president,
and yesterday afternoon,
WeChat announced that WeChat's general manager,
Wu Yi,
will be leaving for personal reasons,
and Zhang Ying has been appointed as the new managing director of WeChat.
Wu Yi first in the Tencent financial payment team,
and then joined the WeChat payment team,
is a WeChat red bag designers.
In the evening,
the Internet consumer financial platform music group confirmed Ben Ng,
President of the company,
is responsible for the overall management of the company.
Stage music founder and CEO Xiao Wenjie said,
this is a two-year long offer,
Wu Yi has a rich product,
business and management experience,
the two stage music business,
he witnessed the Internet side of the financial industry and the rapid growth stage of