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Today the summer day was over all the world Mengxia and show

of summer season,
everything lush.
Ancient: early summer day,
heaven and earth,
and all things show.
At 9:42 today,
the sun reaches 45 degrees in summer.
It is the twenty-four lunar solar term in seventh solar term,
first solar term in summer,
said the official start of the early summer season.
In astronomy,
summer is about to bid farewell to spring,
is the beginning of summer.
People used to have summer as the temperature increased,
the heat will be temporary,
thunderstorms increased,
an important crop growing season into the solar term.
Three at the beginning of summer Hou Hou Guo Ming Guo cricket: cricket is also called a toad,
is a species of frog.
When the festival began in the field,
animal frog pond tweet hunt.
Two days,
earthworms out: as the underground temperature continues