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Thailand ultra low cost Cosplay 50 Fen big money, laugh low, careful into

he entertainment Zhuangao /Saki Yu Wang) recently,
netizens often hot a group from Thailand God Cosplay,
a group of elegant little brother brain hole strength of COS beauty team in the figures,
stunned the crowd of passers-by,
master in folk,
the carnival is a group of people how invincible!! Captain America into this,
the A on the head or a clothes shelf - Cos black widow Scarlett Johansson,
to the chest stuffed two large stones do not say,
wild and intractable little eyes.
Actually there are similar honey this cos Iron Man is a bit blurred,
two a plate strength -- the brain hole Cos winter Qiangjing soldiers really cool! I put the fan painted,
a power plug whirring turn up,
then wear a mask,
face frightened eyes with the place because they cos work is wonderful,
no hold back to