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Shut the Yuesheng three fetal Tong Dawei dangdie share two women and a child well-being.

tertainment news (text / Shao Deng) Tong Dawei,
Guan Yue couple got another baby! Today,
Guan Yue gave birth to his son,
Tong Dawei in the circle of friends excitedly said: all the surprises,
are the best arrangements.
! Wife hard,
always love you yo,
there are three siblings.
Tong Dawei WeChat - Guan Yue Tong Dawei - micro-blog circle of friends also allotted two photos,
Tong Dawei embrace son,
gentle gaze at his son,
two daughters around the father's side,
joy and happiness at home new members.
After the reporter was informed of the news,
also contacted the staff of Tong Dawei studio,
the reporter confirmed the news,
and said: thank you for your care,
bless them.
! Tong Dawei holding his son,
two daughters have been in the circle model couple alongside Tong Dawei Guan Yue,