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[recommendation] the 8 most popular jokes at the moment are funny and reasonable

sitive energy (ID:znl116),
a comprehensive network,
blind lantern a blind to visit relatives,
after dark,
his relatives for his kindness lit a lantern,
said: it was late,
and black,
you make a lantern and go home! The blind man fly into a rage and said: you know I was blind,
gave me a lantern,
not laughing at me? His relatives said,
you've made a limited mistake in your thinking.
When you walk on the road,
a lot of people are on the road,
you play with lanterns,
others can see you,
it will not hit you.
A blind man think,
yeah! The story tells us that limiting thinking is thinking from your own point of view.
The whole thinking is that you put yourself in the whole environment to think about.
By thinking systematically,
you will find that your actions interact with others.