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Japanese men are lustful, and this Japanese nun is more lustful

ned to the subject of flower core imaging,
starring Eri Murakawa and Ando Masanobu.
After listening to the silent monk,
still eat,
still lustful affair,
write all kinds of love stories,
and in various public occasions to talk about sex,
eagle-eyed to his disciples and said: do you know! The beauty of love lies in betrayal.
Wen / Tang has friends from home,
said: Japanese men are lewd,
you can be careful.
! I replied: not afraid,
I am also very erotic,
men should be careful.
The other party laughs: is the woman also lustful? I replied,
women are lustful,
of course.
In fact,
as long as it is human,
will be lustful,
men and women are no exception.
Lust refers to the pursuit and yearning for beauty,
but when modern people hear lust,
they associate it with immoral and lewd,