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Every book you read has become your resume

was depressed,
and Liu Yonghao wept for entrepreneurship.
What saved them? Bi Shumin said: in life,
only reading and traveling money can not be saved.
Chen Danqing,
a writer,
said: I read books when I was young,
and now I remember that it was the golden age of memory in life,
and it was best for reading a lot.
Ye Shiwen: at the lowest point,
Shi Tiesheng taught me to be open-minded,
Chinese national swimming team,
women's 400 meter medley world record holder,
and China's first Grand Slam winner in swimming history.
after the brilliant record,
but there have been several times the bottom of life.
In 2013,
the world championships in Barcelona,
she took the pressure to play,
feel the need to get the title,
to deliver the goods.
due to excessive tension and anxi