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A map of Shu six SkyDrive shut down your possession of photos don't lead out there

HUAWEI SkyDrive announced that it will stop user data storage and sharing services,
and all user data will remain until June 30,
From July 1,
2016 onwards,
DBank HUAWEI SkyDrive's free permanent space eligibility will be terminated and the payment service will be refunded based on the remaining time of the package.
This two months,
SkyDrive shut down the adjustment of tidal waves,
the top ten SkyDrive,
6 have been shut down or adjust the related service in which SkyDrive outage announcement,
the reasons for the closure of the most to cooperate with relevant departments to actively carry out the national SkyDrive jurisprudence,
involving pirated content of the inventory work.
SkyDrive get together and shut down,
really because of regulation? In fact,
there are several reasons for