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A good man is better than ten thousand kinds of skin care products. What do you think?

sual animal,
in this look at the yen value era,
women are not enough for the makeup value of yan.
What I want to talk to you today is not make-up or skin care,
but to talk about the impact of a man's love on us.
She was 48 years old,
not a particularly young age,
but she looked unusually young and beautiful,
unusually younger than her 40 - year-old aunt in the next room.
My father-in-law is a slob,
love to speak loudly,
appearance is very general,
husband before marriage,
the first time I saw them always feel that they don't deserve it,
feel so beautiful woman,
should the young can find a better,
get along slowly down,
so I didn't know why the young lady because of her father-in-law,
too good.
During the Spring Festival,
father got up early in the morning to mop the floor,
we hold the r