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you and I recently,
just climb out of the pit of chaeKi Obama,
suddenly fell into the pit Ode to joy.
But what attracted me most was not the ups and downs of the story,
but the variety of food that almost always appeared in each episode! This crew is poisonous! The 22 floor of the first five beautiful dinner is to eat crabs in the family of Andy,
the late at night to see the yellow crab,
poisonous! So the singularity and Andy met for the first time,
took her to the Southeast Asian restaurant,
second meeting to a new day feed store,
wild carp soup sounds good,
you don't have! We Zhanan white a hamburger and fried chicken took Qiu Yingying to go to good,
not too easy,
but heartless woman chowhound it eat flavor,
I also want to see French fries and fried chicken.
We Shengmei fan reun