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The beginning of summer, summer at the mulberry wine cook Wuyin Huai

on the curved Qi Shilianghe hut,
the water spilled two po.
Sunny day,
warm wind,
The beginning of summer,
the year the beginning of summer days.
Many of my favorite summer poetry,
Lu You wrote that: Liu Huai Yin early summer is dense,
the curtain of micro.
Summer day,
warm weather,
thunderstorm is becoming more and more wanton growth of all things.
The old locust tree on the street began to grow thickly,
leaving a cool place for the people early.
At this time,
the countryside in summer has already replaced the spring: the cuckoo began tirelessly and tweets,
waiting for their mature rape peace day,
May breeze will take away the seed of dandelion,
a clever plum,
plum wine is it when global light on a pot with the summer.
He finally started in summer! Pict