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Strawberry Music Festival Dress Small shawl... 5 kinds of lace sheets teach you the most dazzling summer elements of get

y holiday,
the most popular place in Shanghai,
is of course strawberry music festival! This year you go up Liao berry? But the hard seal Jun Liao a! Not only in the field of strawberry stage,
invite friends to shoot more fun flipbook,
the film in the United States live coverage of the search for the most dazzling Bausch & Lomb girls action.
How many HIGH are there in the day? Which lucky girls were chosen by us? It's all in today's special report! A live host,
the teacher as the poster stylist Junko Jun live host is the Oriental TV host a task force,
in the process of live many netizens exclaimed is simply little Daniel Wu.
And the false eyelash queen,
stylist Junko by her teacher,
to judge from modeling to meet the most dazzling girl makeup of the standard is impeccable,
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