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Measure how much debt you owe in your past life. Will this meteor shower help you pay for it in May 6th?

that everyone in the previous life has unfinished love debt,
and each meteor shower can help you pay off the bonds of love in the past,
so that you can in this life and favorite people hoary head is not separated.
This is why people who fall in love with each other can see the meteor shower in a strange way.
In May 6th 3 in the morning,
will be the best time of observation Aquarius meteor shower.
Before you watch the meteor shower,
try measuring your previous life's debt.
How much debt did you owe yourself in your previous life? The test started: 1.
have you always believed in fatalism? Yes - 2 No.
- 32.
do you have a lot of gossip about the privacy of your new colleagues? Yes - 3 - No.
- 43.
do you think attractive Boys / girls are attractive? Is the 4 - 54.
- - not all right you w