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Marcks's reading of classic books has changed me

years ago,
one hundred years of solitude the author of Garcia Marcos's death; and people continue to mention him,
as he is never far away,
just go to the Caribbean vacation.
his only autobiography,
living for the sake of telling,
begins in Chinese,
and along the book's undulating text,
he spreads the memory fragments and lonely seeds of Latin America,
and we pick them up one by one.
Originally in Marcks's plan was to write three autobiography,
but the first publication,
his body condition began to become very bad,
until he died in 2014,
we did not wait to the back of the two.
If you feel Marcks in the novel is the God of literature and art,
to see living to tell,
he will feel that he is a living young man.
This would have been more attractive.
Marcks childhood photos of