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Living yourself is the best gift we can give our children

on: I am not willing to make the so-called sacrifice for the child,
because once I feel the sacrifice,
then naturally will have the affirmation and repayment demand at the same time.
If these demands fail,
will follow.
An emotional mother,
first of all,
will naturally spread to the child,
the child will eventually become the mother of the emotional undertaker.
If I can not easily and happily give,
then no matter how much I pay for my children,
what he feels is not love,
but a heavy burden.
Last weekend,
walking with my son on foot - across the Wu Yue trail.
We go up the mountain from Anhui in the morning and walk down from Zhejiang in the evening,
it is more than 20 kilometers.
Son 6 years old,
is the youngest in the team.
At the beginning,
I took my son's