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Italy police to patrol China handsome two years ago my French policeman was disgusted face

the Italy police and French police's mood is a bit complicated.
Why? Because the past few days,
the police had Chinese wearing uniforms China dignified and imposing came to Rome and Milan streets! The advanced plan for the Chinese police to patrol Europe was first proposed by the French in 2014.
But as people tears of joy in China,
the Frenchman said suddenly,
it is our own police did not use,
you don't come to the police Chinese.
Two years later.
The Chinese police who were held up by the French were taken by the Italy.
= = this is the case.
First of all,
we know that the Instagram of Paris on the filter is no longer beautiful or fantastic,
nor can it cover up the fact that the security is too spicy! This life everywhere foreshadowing mood,
from the moment the plane bega