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How to support young people in the scientific construction of China's scientific future, and expect you to participate in this questionnaire survey

onnaire was launched by the intellectual,
and the scientific squirrel will be pleased to be invited to assist in the publication.
Here are the details of the questionnaire (a simple but special little gift,
see the end of the article).
Editor's note: young researchers are the main force of scientific research in China,
but they have faced many difficulties such as titles,
scientific research,
income and so on.
Self mockery is a scientific research worker.
As early as in February 14,
Rao Yi and Shi Yigong published articles in the people's daily,
calling for the support of young scientists,
post doctoral and graduate students.
But so far,
we have often seen public reports of their state of embarrassment,
and the situation seems to be far from encouraging.
Most of them have no ind