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Fashion, I want company

the first to hold the fashion conference for spring vacation series brand around the world,
love the old Buddha,
from Paris to Venice,
then to New York,
Chanel spring vacation series travel never stop,
vividly interpretation of a legendary resort.
The Chanel 2016/17 spring vacation Series in Cuba,
Havana (Paseo Del Prado) the Prado Avenue grand release.
Cuban culture is a city full of colour and enthusiasm.
Now it's opening up to the world,
and every hue,
every corner of it,
is amazing! Chanel2016/17's early spring holiday series began this way: the inspiration from the warm,
colorful Havana.
Rich Caribbean island style,
showing a series of dazzling bright lemon yellow,
blue and pink in color,
bright still lack of Chanel classic black,
the whole series of magnifi