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Can you recognize the world famous paintings hidden in the office rug?

hen you were unified as a child? When the doctor opened the color blindness test book,
turning the page faster than falling out to ask,
this is a few,
simply more nervous than the entrance exam.
But when you look at the office buildings converted by the government of Hague,
you will find that the figures are small.
Can you identify the world famous paintings hidden in the carpet? In the impression of the small town government,
the government office buildings are generally solemn,
but the government office building renovated in Hague subverts the traditional impression of all.
the capital of southern Holland Province,
is divided into two parts,
the Castalia and the Helicon.
The latest renovation took place in 1990s.
Castalia a total of 20 stories of a red building with a triangu