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At the Three Character Classic Black out inventory of those stars fell faster than the book

ons for the bad mood of the girls: the big aunt is coming.
Don't mess with me.
Your aunt has come.
Don't mess with me.
Your aunt has just left.
Don't mess with me! And the entertainment stars,
sometimes can not control their emotions fell on the spot,
and some even go directly to leave the stall,
today we have to turn those Pa Pa programs in the field of stars! Many years ago,
Sheenah participated in the recording of the mango dancing miracle in the game,
because the scene was judge Zhou Zhikun Sheenah comments on dancing Cha Cha has no sense of rhythm,
Sheenah immediately retorted,
had a dispute with the judges,
said he is completely out of the charm.
But Zhou Zhikun still gave Sheenah the lowest points.
But because Sheenah popularity is too high,
and finally smooth pass through.
When H