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After daily life, I don't leave any toothpaste anymore. It has so many uses

r forecast of 5 to 6,
the northwest of Xinjiang,
Eastern Inner Mongolia,
most parts of the Tibetan Plateau,
Northeast China,
southern Shaanxi,
Eastern southwest,
eastern North China,
Huang Huai,
Jiangnan and Southern China have small to moderate weather,
the local heavy rain.
There will be 4-6 northerly winds in places such as Inner Mongolia,
northern China and Northern china.
A variety of magical tricks toothpaste,
how do you know! Always like to throw out the toothpaste that has not run out yet,
but you know,
what you throw away is precious! Don't believe it? You see.
Kitchen bath decontamination,
kitchen and bathroom equipment,
it is easy to jam full scale,
water stains,
greasy dirt,
as long as the cloth with a little toothpaste,
wipe back and forth,
and then wipe with a dry c