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Today I leave the suite only a duck distance

ring was the closest I got to the house,
and it was our first meeting.
This afternoon I went to the public at the time of the Wuhan round square,
square crowded,
huge crowds of people,
that is the site of Baidu Nuomi 5.
17 day tournament chef chowhound WuHan Railway Station,
winning the prize is Wuhan green fragrant tree flower 133 flat free down payment awards.
The distance between me and the house was only 0.
05 centimeters,
two minutes,
fifteen seconds later,
I lost it forever.
Someone really ate a suite on the spot! I didnt know that our first meeting was the beginning of losing it.
Because all my attention was on the competitors.
Field staff has to end stage duck! The presence of the players have lips move! Ready to go!! Leisurely eating duck neck aunt.
every aunt behind with unlimited potential,
in addition to square dance,
they are already into the internal chowhound.
since ancient times,
how many years chowhound.
The rising of the chowhound a star,
looking at the sharp eyes,

Shanghai Internet industry report raised in 2016 or up to 3 billion

ring  of the first quarter of 2016,
Shanghai city has launched the Internet platform to raise the public number reached 68,
which is still in the normal operation of the 45,
2015 Shanghai public Internet to raise the overall size of more than 1 billion 300 million yuan,
the actual conservative estimate of more than 1 billion 600 million yuan,
the first quarter of 2016,
Shanghai to raise public Internet transactions in 5-6 billion yuan between the public to raise equity accounted for the majority share,
the full year 2016 is expected to scale up to 25-30 billion yuan.
the number of platforms beginning in 2014,
the financial tide in the Internet coerced,
Shanghai Internet platform to raise the public started to increase,
then the on-line platform to reach 26,
before only 5; in 2015 the new platform 37,
a substantial increase of 42.
3% over last year.
By the end of 2015,
the Internet banking regulatory action frequently,
in the relevant policies have not yet landed,
and the overall situation is becomi

Choose sunscreen lotion or gel Japan fashion girl tell you

ring r skin every day unconsciously suffer ultraviolet damage.
whether it is commuting,
or vacation travel,
sunscreen is essential! When it comes to sunscreen,
we first thought of is the popularity of Japanese sunscreen.
I think the emulsion type sunscreen is thickly coated on the face,
and its waterproof and anti sweat function can prevent us from burning the sun.
In fact,
sunscreen products can not follow the trend of indiscriminate buying,
pick their own sunscreen products,
more important than anything else! Now the majority of woman they used were all emulsion sunscreen,
sunscreen gel type actually began to choose more women in japan.
Compared with sunscreen,
sunscreen gel is the biggest characteristic of light! Thin! Effective sun blocking UV,
while allowing the skin more breathable,
so that the skin pores reduce burden! In the sun at the same time,
but also to the skin replenishment,
bringing adequate moisture.
Today we recommend a good sauce for Kanebo ALLIE moisturizing mineral sunscreen

The prince of Harry's charity ring, countless corrupt people want to choose him as king, say good prince how to do?

ring f the British royal family,
an adorable ten,
basically be the limelight hairline queen,
her great grandchildren,
and great grandchildren of the little hick snatched the face,
even the history of the old reservoir Charles can also denden headlines,
but Harry does not seem to be the center of attention.
But how hard did Prince Harry work,
you know?! Recently,
Harry has done a big job,
he global disabled veterans for the brave undefeated games,
assembled more than 500 soldiers in 14 countries to participate.
This campaign will not only help disabled veterans receive effective and sustained medical information,
but also arouse the attention and respect of the community.
31 year old prince not only organized the game,
but also to pop singer rally,
and by the United States second ladies,
Biden made a speech together.
He singled out Sarah Rudder,
a survivor of the 9.
11 event,
who won 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals in the competition,
known by the media as Harrys hero.
Philanthropy has alwa

The Japanese illustrator is so beautiful that she has suffered from lovesickness after she has seen it

ring ily attracted by the beautiful things,
like beautiful jewelry,
elegant and graceful beauty,
or beauty costumes shoes etc.
Today to introduce the excellent sauce illustrator Hirano Miho (Miho Hirano) works like a charm with song seaman Mermaid,
both beautiful and full of evil.
Hirano Mihos instagram actually opened for about a month,
but there were 360 thousand fans tracking it,
so it was obvious how unique her work was.
Most of the works are mainly oil paintings,
so it can be seen that the fineness of the work is amazing,
the style is beautiful and gentle,
and the characters are very distinctive! (the following pictures are from Hirano Miho instagram) Hirano Mihos works feature is the characters are girls,
and girls now have a flush,
background and foil are usually in nature,
there will be flowers,
swallow and so on animal.
Among them,
the biggest feature is the girls eyes are thoughtful,
and the mouth of the mouth will float a malicious smile.
At the moment,
ears and fingers have

Shake off the scissors and teach you to take pictures of the envious girlfriends

ring title below the backpack,
Chinese top travel magazine subscription reply Darling every word and you listen to someone to share your life together,
someone to share with you the fuel outside the spiritual world,
although friendship boat turned over,
but even over can also swim ashore,
this is bestie.
Girlfriends can not eat together,
but they can not take pictures! Speaking of taking pictures,
in addition to scissors hand,
teach you a few non heavy kind of girlfriends pose.
1 back platitudes,
figure is a very versatile pose.
No matter your values are not high,
the pictures always make you a little more mysterious and artistic.
This simple back photo is more suitable for two people Oh ~ 2 concave shape,
if you have more than one or two girlfriends,
but a group of girlfriends,
then these pose must be get to.
Heart to heart,
five pointed star,
Are very classic shape oh.
Just be sure to Caution! In imitation of the time,
the road model has always been a small desire,
that is,

Over the hills in Cangshan Erhai Lake actually hiding a villa

ring ve in seclusion,
let down the noise and annoyance of the city.
Into the blue sky,
white clouds,
stone beach,
old fishing boats.
A pillow of the sea,
1 | if you have a dream you might have imagined life wandering the world,
only dreamed of living in seclusion,
so in Dali,
Erhai is the best in the idea of belonging.
The area is large,
built in Cangshan,
lush and integrated with Erhai,
but has only 25 rooms.
It is Chinas first video themed Villa Hotel and the largest The Inn Boutique in both galleries.
there is a group of old Dali,
Cangshan Erhai quiet far view,
listen to the old Dali who tells the story of the past every corner of Dali,
really quite reclusive it.
2 Cangshan Erhai Erhai | household considerable seclusion,
cengluan Chui wood,
blue flowers,
colorful art.
In the center of the city - with the geographical advantage of Yunnans excellent scenery,
Dali There is nothing comparable to this,
Cangshan Erhai suffocating seclusion Erhai,